In less than an hour I have my OPI or Oral Proficiency Interview (read those words with spooky ghost noise for proper emphasis).  This is an Arabic test for the end of my scholarship, to see how much I've improved.  Technically, the results don't mean nothing to me directly, because I have my grades for my classes, and I have already spent the money from this scholarship, but STILL, I would like to do well.  I don't suffer from test anxiety too badly, but here is something about these speaking Arabic tests that lead to me panic attacks.  Like seriously.  But right now I am in a good place, and I want to note that here.  I have been studying, computing on Rosetta Stone, listening to my Arabic music, and watching Arabic movies this last week to prepare.  I might not be naturally talented with languages, but you know what?   I am happy with what I have learned.  I was able to hold my own on a practice conversation with my friend.  I skimmed through a whole Arabic text book and a half, and I was happy with my grasp on the material.  I want you and all the Internet to know, before my confidence is destroyed by this test, that I have learned a lot, a lot, and even if I'm not the best Arabist in the world, I really love the language, and I view it's acquisition as a lifetime venture.  Thank you for your attention.


Street Art

So very slowly, I am taking steps towards closure in my Egyptian experience.  I have finally posted my collection of photos of graffiti I came across in Egypt.  I am very proud of the selection I have acquired.   I was often made fun of for taking photos of walls while my group was touring, but I really wanted to have these photos to share with you.  The people's art!  So earnest and so Egyptian, born from the revolution.  Cheesy, I know, but I find it inspiring.  Check it out at this link.  Here are a few of my favorites: