6 Months Later

Still going strong at AUC ;)


Hello, Again

Hello, Internet world.  I am back in Egypt, again.  (Third time's the charm, right?)  I am working with AUC's Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment for at least 6 months.  I have officially left the student life, and am living as a professional adult in Cairo (whose profession just happens to take her daily to an institution of learning...).  I have recently shut down my facebook, and have been enjoying having my personal life removed from the virtual realm, so no promises on regular blog updates.  However, I may start a subject blog (rather than this travel journal) to keep myself motivated in my self study of Permaculture.  While this blog would be more informational and professional in nature, it will still recount my environmental pursuits in Egypt.  We'll see what happens.  For you out there who are hungry for updates, just know that things are going well, and I am very happy :)

Happy Jan 25th.