"Egypt is my musser and Egypt is my fasser," mumbled a crazy old man on the airplane Sherif's host sister rode on her way to visit.  She and Sherif laughed at his craziness, but I think I can imagine what that old man feels.

I am not trying to say I am Egyptian.  I clearly am not, I don't have the family ties or history, but there is something about it here...  It feels like home, maybe not my home, but a home.

I saw my host family for the last time yesterday.  They left at 4 am today for Amreeka.  I am not as emotional as I once was, but yesterday evening was one of those feeling times.  It is scary seeing them leave.  They have been so good to me.

Just thinking about them, and family, and Egypt, I realized how much Egypt has done for my perception of family.  I have always been a fairly family-oriented individual, but I never realized it until moving here.  Seeing how other families work, and realizing the wonderful things my biological family values was a great experience.  (I miss you guys.)  Egypt also reaffirmed my faith in the power of people and relationships without blood ties.  Those unrelated family-members have something extra special because they aren't forced or expected to love you.  That is a beautiful thing.

This weekend marks the first weekend that I will not be staying with my host family or traveling out of the city. Wish me luck on my first weekend in Cairo!

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