Food You Should Know

Foul - delicious Egyptian bean paste.  Good for every meal, but great for breakfast.
Tammaya - Egypt’s version of falafel.
Koshary - A carb-tatic Cairene delicacy of rice, noodles, lentals, and fried unions in red sauce.
Molekhaya - green and oily soup.  Some eat it plain, I prefer it over rice.
Fatir - sweet or savory. Pizza-like pastry made from phyllo dough.
Kibda - liver
MaHshy - assorted vegetables stuffed with rice.  My favorite variety is the kosa or zucchini maHshy.

Kishk - I call it yogurt chicken.  It is a chilled dinner dish consisting of chicken in a creamy solidified gravy with fried onions on top. 
Kunafa - pastry with a shredded wheat-like consistency.  A Ramadan favorite.
Basboosa - another dessert.  Kind of a mushy honey cake made from a very specific grain.

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