Sorry for the slow pace of posts.  My Internet has been painfully slow lately.  Luckily, my school has wifi, so I can get my business done during breaks, but that's not quite enough time to type up an interesting blog post.

I don't have a lot to report.  I have been going out to the ahwa after class the last few days with my classmates.  Their usual stomping ground is wust elbalad (downtown), but traffic has been so bad the last few just walked to Dokki.  It's been awesome for me, because that is the neighborhood I'll be living in when the school year starts.  I really like the area.  The streets aren't quite as wide as they are here in Mohandessin.  Ultimately, the new area is just as nice with the same demographic, but it is just a little more homey and a little less commercial than it is in my area now.  It also has more ahwas, and is right on the metro line.

Things are going to be changing pretty quickly here.  The last class of this session is tomorrow, and Ramadan starts Friday.  Most of my classmates won't be coming back for the next month's session, so we are having a big farewell dinner at restaurant that is known for having THE BEST Egyptian food.  I'm really going to miss that gang.  It's a really cool group of people.  I think the traveler lifestyle lends itself to throwing oneself into new friendships, and enjoying people while you can.  There isn't really time for inhibitions when everything is clearly temporary.  It also helps that people who travel tend to have some great stories.

Starting Friday I'm not sure how food will work.  It will be very rude to eat in public and most food vendors and restaurants will be closed during the day.  I will still be able to go to the grocery store and all, but I will have to get used to a new set of routines.  I am also unsure how seeing friends will work.  Evenings, I think a lot of people will be tied up breaking fast with family.  I'm hoping I will be invited to join in some of these family gatherings, and/or see friends after they've eaten, but that also means I need to adjust my sleeping schedule yet again.

In other news, my power has been going out regularly as more people pump up the AC (right now I am sitting in complete darkness), and I will be getting a roommate (female) next week if everything works out.  I have enjoyed living alone, but I think I'm ready to not be alone now.  I just hope she gets along with all my plants.

Oh yeah, and I love Egypt.

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