Being Orientated

Frazzled and out of it, but good.  My peers seem great.  The apartment is huge and lovely.  The program looks awesome, but more than I am used to dealing with in my Egyptian state of mind.  While I am feeling much better, my sickness still persists, and so does general mental blerg-ness.  While laying low right now is probably the best choice for my physical health, I think I need to get out of this bubble for my mental health as soon as possible.  We did go out as a group to a fantastically cheesy pharaonic Nile dinner cruse.  Sometimes it's fun to be forced to do the things you would never elect to do.  The laundry machine is currently holding my clothes hostage for cycles and cycle,s so I hope they aren't ruined by the time I get the situation sorted.  I need to go to bed.  Hopefully more coherent blogs will follow.

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