Drinks You Should Know

Shay koshary- loose leaf tea.  All day every day.  Served "zeeada" (so much sugar), bil-laban (with milk), or bil na3na3 (with mint)

‘Asaab - Sugar cane drink

Manga 3aseer - Mango Juice

Tamer Hindy* - Brown, made from Tamer Hindies

Qamer il-deen* - Thick sweet apricot drink made from dried apricot.  Why you would dry a fruit and then make a liquid from it, I have no idea, but it sure tastes good!

Soobia* - A sweet white drink, made from milk and coconut I believe.  It's kind of like drinking ice cream.

3er Esous* - A brown-gray drink.  I think it’s made from licorice.  It tastes like dirt.

*Ramadan specialties

Egypt does not only have cafes everywhere that serve cheap tea.  Egypt also offers and endless supply of juice bars!  You pay for your drink at a little podium out front.  Then the man gives you a colored token which you deliver to the bar.  Fresh juice is poured into a big pilsner which drink on the street and then return when you're done (you can usually also get it take-away, but that's not as fun).

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