This just in from Egypt

~There are an endless number of ways to secure a headscarf.  Most reasonable young women have at least one scarf to match every one of their outfits, if not several to layer. 

~Spongebob is totally hot right now.  If you don’t have spongebob printed on your shirt or on your headscarf, you are totally lame.  Street venders failing to provide Spongebob merchandise will be exiled.  (Angry birds are an acceptable substitute.)

~The Metro is the best place to read our Quran. 

~If you hear someone snorting like a pig, they aren’t just impersonating their favorite farm animal: That’s a heated argument!  Pig snorts are a major insult and fighting words.  But girls don’t do that.

~No matter how hot it is, it can always get hotter.  You may think it’s not  in the sun, but then you get onto the metro, or into someone’s kitchen, or step into a cloud of exhaust.  Oh, summer in the desert, in the city, in the pollution!

~The name Maha means wild cow

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