Internet is spotty, but finally an update!

I have officially been in bed a week.  I have plenty of discomfort from being stagnant for so long, but luckily not too much pain from my back.  Sometimes I get lonely and bored, but I have yet to funnel these frustrations into anything productive.  No works of art produced yet.  But I did read a pretty interesting Egyptian Sci Fi book called Utopia.  I am being visited by an Arabic tutor two hours a day.  She is lovely.  So I won't be too far behind in Arabic, and I am having a good time with a nice visitor.  My other teachers are aware of my situation, and so I am either being skyped in to class, or told the assignments, or in one case I think class will even be held in my apartment.  So it's all being worked out.

My lovely Arabic tutor just email a video.  And I don't think I have ever been so happy to see a youtube clip in my life.  I never thought I would see this again.  I saw this on TV when I was living with a host family (nearly three years ago now) and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I was just telling my peers about this clip last week.  It stars a belly dancer in a man's galabaya going the coolest belly dance (with a shisha!!!) I have ever seen.  It combines so many of my favorite things about Egyptian culture: dance, music, and the ahwa.  I love this.  Enjoy:

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