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Hi all.  I'm not going to blame the internet this time.  I haven't been posting because I have no motivation, and I don't want to bum you out.  But I'm fine.  Healing up slowly.  Nothing really hurts anymore, but it still feels wrong in motion, which probably is why I'm not supposed to move.  My peers all left for Luxor and Aswan Tuesday night.  I am too much of a liability to bring along, so I am holding down the fort.  I was planning on staying with a friend who had offered to take care of me this weekend in 6 October, but I am currently facing some transportation problems, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  When this post was starting to be written my plans were more concrete, and the tone was meant to be reassuring...  On that note: violent protests!  Don't worry.  I know about them.  Even if I end up going to my friend's house it won't be in areas where protests are happening.  If you don't know, the protests are a reaction to the release either an Indie film or the trailer of said film negatively depicting the prophet Mohammad in the USA.  People climbed the walls of the US embassy here, and in Libya bunt the embassy resulting the death of 4 including the American Ambassador.  The situation here isn't nearly as bad as Libya.  Police just convinced the protesters climbing the calls to go home the other day.  But protests continue and may get violent, but not anywhere near where I live.  The situation is just unsettling all around.  I don't agree with defaming a religion.  I don't agree with violence over an American's first amendment right to express themselves.  I don't agree with generalizing and reacting aggressively against either all of a particular religion, or a whole collective country based on one individuals actions or isolated events.  It just makes me wish everyone was a little less stupid.  I hope everyone just stays as safe as possible.

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