It's Official

I am the worst blog updater ever.  I take solace in the fact that I have nothing interesting to write.

The plan is to visit the doctor in Thursday, before my bed-rest period is over, and make sure I am good to resume life (with a back brace).  I would love to tell you that I have used my time wisely, and I am totally caught up in my classes, but alas.  I would also love to tell you I am SUPER excited to get out of bed, but I'm not quite feeling it.  I think I am concerned that things I do will be disappointing, and so I'll just stay bummed out despite being out and about.  I am also worried, I'm going to let stressing about classes keep me down.  But I think once I can get out I'll start feeling better.  And I'm always better at getting things done, when I have things going on.  Busy people are the most productive.  I am thinking about taking Arabic voice lessons.  I think singing in Arabic in the Arabian style could be really fun and great practice for me Arabic!  I'm also dying to do some dancing, but that will have to wait until my spine is more solid...

AND Happy Birthday Grandma!

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