Out but not better

I have been allowed out of bed this week, but things are still hard, and I still hurt.  And now classes are stressing me out.  But between a lot of yucky things, I've also done some really great stuff in beautiful Cairo.  I visited Al-Azhar park for for the first time and attended some amazing Sufi Dancing.  I attended Aida at the Cairo Opera House.  I had a night out in Zamalek with my best buds Michael and Cassidy which included Korean barbecue and obnoxious singing in an empty church.  But I think my favorite part of the week might actually have been my physical therapy appointment.  After a little leg workout I got a massage and some static shock therapy with a heating pad.  It was lovely and so relaxing.  But now I am really behind in my work and not relaxed at all, so talk to you later! 

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