Hey, all.  I'm sorry for leaving anyone out there hanging.  I'm home!  I made it.  My trip to the Red Sea was lovely.  We rode a huge yacht and jumped off its top, maybe three stories high, into the red sea.  It was amazing.  Then I had a few days at home to pack up and say goodbyes.  I saw who I could, but I had to keep reminding myself that the good times we had together are more important than a frantic goodbye.  Hit my favorite restaurants.  Went to a party.  Visited the Agricultural Museum (CRAZY place you guys, crazy), and the oldest Mosque in Cairo.  I had a small NSLI-Y reunion with three other students who studied with me in Egypt in high school and happened to be in Cairo on my last days.  I tried to keep my head.  I don't leave Cairo well.  I tend to panic when traveling, especially when moving, but I have been known to have full scale meltdowns when leaving Egypt.  I did alright this time.  I guess.  That last day was pretty awful just waiting at home for my taxi to come at midnight, but I just had to remind myself: nothing I could rush to do on my last day would do any justice to the experience I had.  I couldn't fix anything or redo anything, and trying anything new would undoubtedly not be enjoyed in my stressed-out state.  I just tried to stay calm.  I give myself a C+ in that venture. And then I flew home.  I watched a chick flick and a samurai movie while flying over the Atlantic, and was stuck in the Chicago airport for over 6 hours due to customs and full flights, but I made it just in time for Christmas Eve.

Now I'm home, and though I've only been here a week sometimes I wonder, "Did Cairo happen?"  It is such a different life and experience here than in Cairo.  It is so easy just to fall back into my patterns.  My family likes the presents I brought home and I see Cairo paraphernalia all over my house, but it feels so distant.  Last time I came home all I wanted to do was talk about my experiences and share everything about Egypt with anyone who would listen, but this time... I don't know.  I don't really want to think about it.  I feel as though I need to reflect, but I am reluctant.  I have yet to go through my pictures because doing so requires me to confirm that yes, Cairo did indeed happen, and I am no longer there.  Life is overwhelming enough here with holidays, family ups and downs, preparing for my grandpa's memorial, and figuring out logistics for next semester and my summer internship.  Dealing with reverse culture-shock and home-sickness just seems like too much sometimes, but I think working through those things is important.  I hope to us this blog to work through all that in the weeks to come.  If I don't get distracted, expect photos and reflections coming soon.

The NSLI-Y gang.  Some of us just can't help coming back to Egypt.

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