Living in the Past

Funny.  I just published that last post, and then called Sherif to wish him a happy new year.  I thought I was reaching him before midnight, but it turns out it's already 2013 over there!

Me: What time is it there?
Sherif:  One
Me:  What?!  Oh my God, Happy New Year.  You're already in 2013!  That's crazy.
Sherif:  Yeah, Starr, you've got to stop living in the past.
Me: *awkward pause as I don't get the joke* What?
Sherif:  Cuz you're still in 2012!
Me: Ah!  I get it.

Sherif is out at a bar with friends in the exciting metropolis of Cairo, while I am underage and planning on staying in with my mom and drinking sparkling pear juice as we watch TV in our living room.   I love my mom, but I can't help feeling as though my life becomes notably less glamorous when I return stateside.  Who knows, maybe I should take the "stop living in the past" comment more seriously :P

Happy New Year

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