Presidential Decree

Last night was a rough night for me (and a rough day for my family), so instead of watching the Presidential Decree, or working on my papers, I watch a cartoon called "Avatar."  This is a good rundown of the Decree by one of my peers.  A meeting of all parties sounds like a good idea, but who can say if anything will come of it.  Other than that his speech said lots of nothing, with a lot of blame on the old regime, and maybe a little on the opposition?  My Development professor (who actually founded a political party) has been  protesting with the opposition.  His description shows a bleak picture: a small group of peaceful protesters being ambushed by bus loads of Muslim Brotherhood supporters brought in from villages down South, and then a police presence that is clearly biased against the opposition.  Though my Development class isn't my favorite, I think this teacher might  be,  so I worry about him being out there.  Also, Sherif, usually not a very political fellow, decided he didn't like bullies beating people up and so went to the Presidential Palace during clashes.  I was informed yesterday evening that he is covered with wounds, external and internal apparently, but he continues to go to work. (AH!?!?)   He says he went to the doctor and he's fine...  I continue to worry.  Today has become entirely work day (one of the reasons being we aren't allowed to leave our area) so hopefully I can make up any work that didn't happen yesterday. Unfortunately, in addition to everything, I'm feeling under the weather.  I wish I could say it was just stress, but usually stress doesn't induce hoarse voice and sore throats.  Yesterday, I as feeling straight up nauseous, but I think that was due to several long rides in smelly taxis.  Whatever this is I hope I can nip it in the butt by staying in and sleeping as much as possible.  At very least I pray to the final gods that this illness doesn't become so that it hinders my essay writing ability.  

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