Wow, I haven't posted in a while.  You guys must be worried!  I've heard from all my sources outside of Egypt that Egypt is blowing up right now.  To an extent that is true-ish.  There have definitely been protests.  Take for example these pictures taken from my balcony of Muslim Brotherhood supporters marching to Cairo University:

My roommate described the sound of these protests on Saturday like that of Orcs.  But everything was fine.  We were restricted to our apartment, but that would have happened anyway since we are all in the midst of intense final paper writing.  Yesterday, there were pretty violent classes at the Presidents Palace, but that is very far away from where I live.  It's actually amazing how easy it is to just keep trucking in the wake of whatever is happening right now, even when it is happening closer to me.  Life just keeps going.  Sometimes I'm allowed out of my neighborhood and sometimes not, but I always feel safe.  Final essays now.

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