I wish...

I wish I had more articulate posts to dazzle you with, but alas.  My peers are all in the Black and White Desert for the long weekend (We have Sunday off).  I didn't sign up for the trip because I figured a long bumpy jeep ride through the desert wasn't the best choice when I am finally starting to feel like a functional human again.  It was a good thing I didn't go because I woke up the morning of the trip with pretty intense stomach pain after everyone had left.  When it became necessary that I use the bathroom by body revolted and I fainted three times on the trip to and from the bathroom.  Luckily, one of my roommates stayed home from the trip and she revived me with water and toast as I lay on the floor outside of my room.  I got back to my bed and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.  I am feeling much better now, but still pretty exhausted.  I think I suffered from a stomach bug or food poisoning and then dehydration pushed it over the top.  I thought it was food poisoning, but then I remembered Michael had "food poisoning" two days ago, and this morning I got a call from the desert trip saying that Cassidy is suffering from a stomach thing today.  That really sucks for her because she has already paid for that trip, but has to stay at the hotel during the desert safari portion :(  As much as being sick and missing things SUCKS (I HATE IT SO MUCH.  SO MUCH), I am a little bit excited (in my twisted Starr way) that I some friends so close that we get sick together.  Aw,  how sweet?

I have also done a couple things that don't involve hating my body for it's pathetic weakness.  For instance the night before I got my latest ailment I went to an Om Kathoum puppet show at Sawy Culturewheel with my language partner from AMIDEAST.  The marionettes were great, but the puppeteers didn't create much action, so we basically just listened to recordings of Om Kathoum for two hours as we watched a puppet's mouth open and close... but it was fun!  I am really looking forward to diving into Arts for the rest of my stay in here in Egypt.  My language partner knows a lot of cool people, so I am really excited to spend more time with her. 

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