Cooking, Seeding, and Concerts

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Yesterday was a foody day.  I made food art (check it out here), and then I had a cooking class with my peers. We made mass amounts of koshary and roz billaban.  The first is a famous Cairo dish of noodles, lentils, rice, and red sauce, topped with fried unions.  The second is basically rice puddling.  I am hoping to bring home a bag of Egyptian rice when I visit home for fall break and make some roz billaban for the fam.

Today I am going to "Art Beat" music festival at a venue I really enjoy.  My hipster quest going pretty well so far.  Yay.

And then I am very excited for Saturday.  I am volunteering for an environmental organization called Nawaya.  Tomorrow is a workshop to make seed bombs and Oct 20th we're planting all over Cairo :D This article describes the campaign better than I can.  I'll let you know how it goes!

I hope to post a bunch on my Understanding Contemporary Cairo class soon.  I have some great pictures from an assignment that required wandering around the city aimlessly.  I need to figure out a way to adequately describe how cool Urban Studies is.  The Cairobserver blog in the sidebar there is a really good example of things we discuss.  I love seeing how space is used to manipulate or display social politics.  Fascinating.  So many fields of study interact in Urban Studies, and we get to analyze all of it in my favorite city in the world!

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