hitting it too hard

FRIDAY.  I got up early with the peers once again, but this time we hoped on a charter bus south to the Saqqara, the first stone monumental structure, but not quite pyramid because of its steps, and other nearby historic sights.  Our first stop was to venture deep inside the Dashour pyramid, also called "the Red Pyramid," because it's a vaguely pink color that I thought looked more or less beige like everything else.



And then the Bent Pyramid, so named for the change of architectural plans that altered the angle of the slope midway through construction.

And after the Imhotep Museum we finally made it to Saqqara and it's surrounding complex.

SAQQARA! Currently suffering from some very poorly thought out "renovation" work

this is what happens when you don't do your taxes

IT WAS A BLAST.  But I went too hard.  That first pyramid we went inside?  The tube down to the tomb required all to bend over to walk down, but I can't really do that, so I crab-walked slash butt-scooted all the ways down, accidental subjecting my weak body to the most intense thigh work out of my life.  I am still suffering from noodle legs and expect extreme soreness tomorrow.  Exhausted from that experience, lots of walking, and bending to get into tombs led to some pretty unpleasant soreness from all parts of my body, including my sad back.  No worries, I am certain no permanent damage has been done, but it is still frustrating.  I was just so determined to finally get back in the game.  I had never been to Saqqara before, so I wanted to do it all.  Also, once I was in it, doing the tours, there really wasn't an easy out, and the only thing to do was follow the group until we got back to the bus.  I think it was worth it, but we'll see what my body says tomorrow.

The bus came home just in time for me to meet my Egyptian Grandmother's friend.  He was kind enough to let me run upstairs for a lightening fast shower and clothing change and then we met Nana in Heliopolis.  We went out to the five star Baron Hotel for a late lunch.  It was wonderful.  Nana leaves for the States this week to visit my host family, and won't return until after I've left.  I feel so lucky I was able to see her before she left.  She's a wonderful person, and she left me with a present!  Her friend is also a perfect gentleman.  In addition to giving me ride home, he also insisted on buying me enough tamaya, fool, lentil soup, and roz billaban to feed me and a friend for a full meal, despite having just stuffed ourselves at the restaurant.  he says it will make a good bedtime snack, and this restaurant is the best place in town.  I don't know if I'll be getting hungry again tonight, but I look forward to digging in tomorrow.

UPDATE:  I am still sore three days later (my ambitious activities Saturday are surely partially responsible, but that will be another post) but only in my legs.  Did you know shins can be sore???  Well I assure you they can be VERY sore.  And the food was AMAZING.  Zooba may be my new favorite restaurant.

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