Zamalek is growing on me

Okay, I think staying home this weekend was definitely a good idea.  And not just because I was sick and I just realized what day it is today, or rather what day it will be tomorrow: the day my Econ presentation is due.  This weekend has just reinforced my thinking that I need to get out of this apartment, put some space between me and my peers, and less space between me and local arts.  The peace in the apartment has allowed me to pour out some poetry, and last night I met up some Egyptian friends at a great ahwa near where I used to live.  Today, I took a really neat excursion to meet a new language buddy and her mother and visit some art galleries.  The first gallery was the famous Townhouse downtown.  Unfortunately, it didn't have any expeditions at this time, but at least I know where it is now.  Then we headed over to Zamalek. We stumbled across the Sufi Cafe, that reminds me of my favorite hipster coffee shop back home.  We also stumbled across the space that Ganzeer, an artist who I have been stalking online since I arrived here, is holding his current exhibition, and I am pretty darn sure it was him working inside.  Eek!  I plan on returning this week when it opens.  Then a little antique shop caught our eye, and low and behold my language buddy's mom new the owner, who happened to be an economist, and we discussed the current political situation in Egypt (I defended Cairo, as he worshiped NYC).  I plan on returning and have his card.  Then our last stop was the Zamalek Art Gallery.  I finally feel a revival in my Hipster in Cairo segment coming on.  The best part about today was that I have things to return to, and investigate further.   Art is happening for me isa :)  Okay.  Homework now.

P.S.  I finally finished Azazeel.  Oh my gosh.  Just read it.

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