Hipster in Cairo

I feel my inner hipster rising from the ashes of my previous state!  My goals for my experience in Egypt have changed.  I need to make up for what I have missed and make sure I do things that make me happy.  So now the objective is ART.  The motivation is ART. And maybe even the product will be ART.  My new plan to keep myself active and happy is to either go out (even if no one is going out with me) or do an art project everyday, be it just a quick sketch.

I mentioned Ganzeer's art show in the last post.  It is even cooler than imagined.  The whole gallery had been turned into a political, graffiti-esque art explosion.  Painting hung on the walls, but the walls were painted to match the works, and many of the paintings were continuations of the paintings next to them.     Here info on the exhibition:

After I visited the gallery, I spent sometime in that Sufi Cafe.  I had some GREAT mushroom soup.  The location isn't as close as I might like, but the chill indie atmosphere may be worth the trip, especially it I need places to go to alone from now on.  It's also book store, so that's great.  Another benefit of Sufi is that it is located right next to a really cool furniture gallery.  There are just rooms and rooms of really cool old Egypt stuff to furnish an eccentric individuals home.  It's great.

Hopefully there will be some concerts this weekend.  I'll keep you updated!

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