There and Back

Hello!  Once again I fail at regularly posting.  Last week I was in the US.  It was a much needed return home.  I saw my Grandpa and Uncle, both of whom were ill.  That was important, and I was glad to spend time with my sister over Halloween.  Since my return to Egypt my uncle passed away.  He was a really excellent man, and I'll miss him.  I feel so lucky I was able to see him when I did, and my thoughts are with my family back home.

So the first day or two back in Cairo were hard due to the situation back home, but now I'm back in the game.  The trip home was much easier than he trip to the USA.  I am finally starting to live the Cairo life I envisioned for myself when I first came.  Chill.  Active.  Out most of the time.  Lots of socializing.  Lots of academic outings.  Arts.  New Egyptian Friends.  I finally made it out to visit the Zabbaleen today.  It was an amazing trip.  I hope I can keep this up.

Let this article hold you over until I can get you a more in depth post: Mudslinging in Denial.  My friend Katie is a smarty.

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  1. > The trip home was much easier than he trip to the USA.

    That pretty much sums up where your center is, no?