And today I won a kilo of bananas for visiting Al Masar Gallery!   Unfortunately, I dragged my friend Kathleen up and down 26 of July street in Zamalek for no reason, because when we finally found the building and this sign, there was no gallery attached to it.  But I got the picture by the sign anyway so I could claim my prize  :)

Luckily, I knew of some other Galleries nearby, so we had a lovely art-tastic night.  All three of these Galleries are within about a bock of each other, and there is yet another one in that immediate area that we didn't get too.

How convenient!  The lighting is best in the photo of my favorite gallery.  It's a nice cozy space with a fun loft that creates more exhibition space than there might be in larger galleries. 

This is also the site of that fantastic Ganzeer show I attended earlier.  The artist just posted pictures of his work from that exhibition.  I strongly encourage you to check that out HERE.  Another artist I've been following is Hassan Hassan.  I like a lot of his stuff, but I can't help getting sexist vibe from his work, like his latest posts.  But at the same time a lot of his posts express educated but unemployed young male adult frustrations, so maybe being sexist is just part of the territory.

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