Garbage City

a.k.a. Manshiet Nasser, home of the Zabbaleen

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's a church?  A hanging church lantern!

Hardcore garbage collecting

Hardcore sorting and recycling

Largest Church in the Middle East

Most Christians in Egypt have small cross tattoos on their hands or wrists.  At one point in Egypt's history Christan children would be taken from their families and raised as Muslims, so parents would tattoo them very young in the hope that they would rediscover the religion into which they were born.  Of course no one steals Christan babies anymore, but the tradition stuck around, and many are tattooed before being old enough to remember the event.  I saw this guy in action at this tattoo stall.

This is a cage where pigeons are kept.  Yum, pigeons.

Cairo is so beautiful, it takes my breath away

Passive solar water heaters, and a converter of biomass to methane made from materials the Zabbaleen collect.

The view from Solar Cities, the NGO that sets up those fantastic contraptions on the roofs

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