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I have some fantastic pictures from my visit to the Arab League and Garbage City, but my "start-up drive" is full on space.  I am trying to figure out how to post them for you to see.  Those were both fantastic trips.  I think the solution is to delete some of the photos on my computer, but that scares me a bit, because then the only place I have the photos saved are on the photo cards, so if they break or get lost I'm screwed.  But I think it will have to be done.  I am going to visit Siwa Oasis this weekend, and I just won't be able to stand not showing you some of those photos.  I don't know if I mentioned this, but that will be the first trip I can take with AMIDEAST, and it's a place I've never visited before.  I'm so excited :)

AMIDEAST has a little poster up in our facility where they post a new place to visite and eat every week.  If you do those things and bring them a picture you win a prize!  GUESS WHO WON TWICE!   This girl.  No one else has even bothered doing the activities, but that's fine by me.  MORE PRIZES FOR ME.  I have so far won a galabaya (yet to materialize), and a t-shirt.  Cassidy, my partner in crime, won 75 pounds in the form of a food order in!  Here are pics of our adventures:

Cafe Riche is a historical spot where Naguib Mahfouz received his Nobel Prize for Literature.

This place is AMAZING.  Great food, super cute vibe.

AND my favorite professor and Egypt mentor was visiting from the USA!

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