Sorry all.  My internet has decided to hate up loading photos.  I will keep trying to post more, but here are some tid-bits from my desert trip!

I have never driven for so long and seen absolutely nothing.  Western Egpyt is even more barren than North Dakota.  ND has a fence here and there, a small grove of bushes, grass, and a random farm house.   Egypt is just sand with rocks on sprinkled on top for hours and hours.  And you know what?  I loved it.  I went with a group from Kalimat, and my new friend Katie came along.  Most of the drip we spent driving on or off road.  We saw:

The Baharia Oasis.

The Black Desert.

The White Desert.  
I know for sure The White Desert was a National Park.  I don't know if it extended to include our other stops.

An Ancient Sea, where we climbed around a mountain that seemed to be made of chalk.  I think at the Ancient Sea, maybe even what we climbed was called "El Akabat" which means both beautiful and difficult.   Caravans had to cross over this mountain in the old days.  It was so steep they would have to leave some of the dates they were carrying to trade, so the camels could make it over.

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