Killing Time

I am back in 6 October!  For those of you who don't know, 6th of October City is where I lived in high school.  Last night I stayed over at Hagar's, and I am invited to visited my old host family after the morning prayer.  Unfortunately, Hagar had to leave for work at 6 am, so I am stuck at her house killing time with her uncle.  A little awkward, but ultimately no problem.  It is about time to grab a taxi and head over.

One thing I remember from my last time in Egypt.  My first inclination when imposing at someone's house is to stay out of the way, but in Egypt that can be considered rude.  Nothing time is usually spent with friends or family watching TV in the living room or sitting at an 'ahwa.  Locking one's self into their room is just antisocial (and they don't really do privacy here).  I made the point of taking my computer into the living room where Hagar's uncle is watching TV.  We haven't been speaking much, but I think he appreciates it.

I'm just going to say what other travel bloggers might not:  I am so glad my butt has not exploded yet.  Hagar was sooooooo nice to feed me last night.  It was a very good meal, but I think all the drink was tap water.  I was worried I would be very sick this morning, but maybe Mom is right.  Maybe the antibodies I developed in high school have stuck with me!  Maybe I can start eating fruits and vegetables sooner than I thought!

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