Home Coming

It is amazing how different 6 October feels from Mohandessin.  When I lived in 6 Oh two years ago my friends told me they liked it in the suburb because it wasn’t as busy and the air was cleaner.  I didn’t notice too much of a difference back then, but now that I live in the city, the difference is clear.  Walking from Hagar’s home to where I caught my taxi was lovely.  The air tasted clean and everything seemed brighter.  The streets are more open and cleaner.  It can be scary living Mohandessin.  No, scary is too strong of a word.  It can be intimidating, because there are always people everywhere.  6 Oh is more peaceful.  I should have anticipate this, but I was surprised to recognize landmarks and streets I had traversed before.  
Last time I was here I didn’t notice how many awesome plants there are everywhere!  It’s a shame I forgot my camera.  Darn.  I have never been here in early summer, so that may explain it.  I expect to be visiting 6 Oh quite a bit before my family moved to Seattle.  
My host family lives in a fancy gated compound.  THAT MEANS THEY HAVE A POOL. The feeling inside the compound versus that of Mohandessin is crazy.  In Mohandessin I got cat-calls for wearing shirt with a slightly lower neck-line.  In the compound a bunch of teenagers in mixed company were wearing bikinis!  I was just happy to swim and get some exercise.
Safaa’s dance recital was great!  The little girls did hip-hop, bollywood dance, and stylized ballet (one pharonic themed).  Safaa has a great presence and fluidity on stage.  I hope she finds a good dance school in Seattle so she can built up her technique.  It was a great family outing.  I love having so many Egyptian friends and family.  Culture shock doesn’t stand a chance.

I am currently helping my host mom prepare for a play she is putting on at her school.  It is a really fantastic compilation of poems, Spirituals, and even dace.  It draws connections between oppression all over the world mostly through poetry from all over.  I am especially interested to see how Egyptian 5th graders portray American slavery.

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