Ill in Egypt

I don't know if I've caught something, or if the food has just caught up with me, but I am not working right.  I was have been having slight tummy troubles for the past few days, but now the Fates have decided to reek their havoc.  I was too proud, so I had to be struck down.  I'm not sure if this is all food adjustment though.  I went out late for the first time last night and then was waken up several times in the night, so perhaps lack of sleep weakened my immune system.  I think it is not only stomach troubles because today during class, it was as if I suffered from Vertigo.  I was very dizzy for quite some time.  I have made a point to drink as much water as possible, but I have developed an aversion to it.  I feel as though the water is dry here as it just makes me more thirsty and then it sloshes around in my gut.  But the fruit juice here is so thick it isn't exactly thirst quenching either.  I think hibiscus tea, hot or cold, is the best bet for me (but of course I'll keep on with the water).  It is also just my luck that I would get sick before my first big trip.  I am planning on going to an oasis and to see the Black and White Deserts with Kalimat this weekend.  I am determined to functional by Thursday. Hopefully, the two and a half hours I've already slept today will get me on my way.   

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