Walk Like an Egyptian

Tips for crossing the street:

DO NOT bolt across the street.  Crossing the street is a delicate dance the requires the pedestrians and drivers to make deliberate decisions, and communicate with each other.

Make your intention to cross the street clear by standing at the edge of the sidewalk (this does not have to be at the corner), and surveying on-coming traffic.  Beware: it will be awkward when multiple taxis pull up thinking you want a ride.  This maybe avoided by limiting our street-crossing prep-time, but in most cases this can not be helped.  Just ignore the taxis.

As you wait for a break in traffic, keep in mind that on a wide multi lane street (most streets you will be crossing) that you will not cross the street all at once.  Instead you will try to find a break in the first lane of traffic and then walk deliberately as far across the street as possible.  Then wait in between lanes of cars for a break in the next lanes, until you have made it across.

Remember: some cars will slow to let you cross, but most won't.  You'll have to be aggressive if you want to get across the street.

There are many speed bumps in Cairo.  This means a place where cars have to slow down.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS.  Cars also slow at U-turns, but are rarely watching for pedestrians at this time, so watch out!

If you're having trouble gauging distances and speeds of cars, simply cross the road up streak of some Egyptian who knows what their doing and cross as they do.

Have fun!

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