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Let’s start with a disclaimer:  my internet is spotty.  So if I hang-up on you on skype, or suddenly sign-off, or miss a blog I promised you know what happened.
Idea:  Let’s start up an Arabic word of the day!  I don’t intend to blog everyday once I get  settled, but whenever I do I’ll also post a word.  We’ll make that an ECA word.
Today was my first full day in Egypt and first day of Arabic classes.  Sherif is THE BEST.  He came by in the morning to show me the way to Kalimat via taxi.  It is only a four or five LE (Egyptian Pound) ride.  This morning I took an oral placement test.  The teacher who did by test was very friendly and smiley, so I didn’t get nervous like I usually do with oral tests.  I will be taking four classes a week.  Tuesday and Thursday I go to an afternoon level 2 class, and Monday and Wednesday I will go to evening level 2.5 class.  So far I really like Kalimat, it seems very low pressure so I don’t get so nervous.  There are two other guys in my level 2 class, and they are both from the only two other countries I’ve been to, even the areas I have been to.  One from “the Rhineland” in Germany, and the other from outside London.  The class was 2.5 hours long, so a good chunk of time.
I grabbed lunch with the German, got home all by myself, slept, unpacked, and now I think I’m going to sleep again!  Night.

P.S.  The couches in my living room have cushions that are PERFECT for pillow forts.

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