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Hello!  I am off to Baharia Oasis early in the morning, so don't expect to hear from me tomorrow.   I get back Saturday night.  We'll see if I am too exhausted to post or not.

But today was an exciting day for me!  I had a lovely day with German Friend.  We ate, had tea, explored a kind of department store (where I did NOT find a dust pan, clothes pins, or a spray bottle), and then I introduced him to my house.  Lovely.

I had been hoping to visit that comic store today but a whole different lovely chain of events happened instead:

I took a taxi into wust il-balad (downtown) for the first time, and on the way say some of the graffiti I had researched and been dying to see!

I met my friend and old Junior Liaison with AFS at a cafe downtown with a bunch of his AFS buddies. This group of young Egyptians was a blast and included a socialist anthropology major; an adorable photography and film major; a chipper, boisterous, and a bit crazy psychology major; and a few other fun kids.  I had liver for dinner.  It was a good time.

Then on our way home, we walked by TAHRIR SQUARE.  No worries, it wasn't that crazy, and I didn't venture into the fray.  It was just significant for me to see the place I had known in some distant past, seen on the news for the past two years, and now here it was again.  It was just another one of those this is real?! moments.

We had to pass by Tahrir because the metro stop is across the street.  I am ashamed to say it, but I don't think I have ever ridden the Cairo subway before.  But I have now!  The spunky psychology major helped me.  She was great.  Ultimately, it cost about the same to metro and then taxi, as it did to just taxi, but I am now that much closer to being able to get around Cairo by myself!


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