good and meh

I am in an odd mood.  I feel as if I have been here in Egypt a really long time, and yet I have very little figured out.  I tried to to find the local grocery today with Sherif.  We couldn't find it.  Sherif has been so nice to help me get settled, but I have only seen two of my friends.  I haven't even seen my host family yet.  I don't have their Egypt number, so tried their American number through skype.  The connection was so bad I couldn't communicate anything to them.  I was going to meet some friends tonight but someone got sick, so the plans flopped.  I haven't even had tea, let alone gone out to the 'ahwa.  I am very comfortable in my house, but ultimately that's all I've seen.  I was going to make some soup but I didn't have a lighter to start the stove :(  
But I really like my classes.  Kalimat has a very nice vibe.  My evening class (like my morning class) is comprised of only three of us.  My classmates once again are male, one from Spain, and one from... Germany?  I really missed studying Aamaya (ECA).  The classes are much more about speaking whereas the MSA classes at my University seem to be all about grammar.  Kalimat is just a really friendly place.
I am considering starting up a photo of the week, like my word of the day.  The photo of the week idea is a bit trickier because carrying around my big honking camera pins me as a tourist.  But if I go out taking photos with my Egyptian friends, it shouldn't be a problem.  I also like the idea of having just one photo a week, so you get the best choice selections.  We'll see.
I hope I sleep tonight.  I forgot all my Tylenol PM at home. 

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