The last stay

3omr, 3mar, and 3mIar
These are the names of my three new Pothos plants from the fam in 6 Oh.  I still need a name for the arrowhead plant.  I stayed with my host family for that last time in 6 October last night.  They move out of the house tomorrow.  My apartment is now well-stocked with items they don't want, a clothes hamper, dishes, soaps, and medicine.  While this is helpful for practical existence, I am sad.  It's like seeing the parents move out of your childhood home.  They have another couple weeks in Egypt, so I will see them again.  We are going to an engagement party next weekend.  But then they are off.  It will be strange to be in Egypt without my Egypt family, and they truly are family.  I think our relationship is a testament to the success and depth of the high school exchange experience.  It has been so wonderful spending time with them again!

Also! A shout-out to the Starr family.  It was great to hear from you, even if it was 2 am my time.

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